Wayland Information Resources

Considerable information related to the town of Wayland’s water supply is available due to federal and state reporting requirements. Reports from various town entities as well as independent studies and research provide a wealth of information.

Studies about Wayland Water Supply

Earth Tech AECOM Consultant Work Products

Study about Water Rate Structure

Wayland Maps

Baldwin Pond Wells

Campbell Well

Chamberlain Well

Happy Hollow Wells

Meadowview Wells


Annual Statistical Reports (ASR)

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) – Annual Water Quality Reports

Massachusetts Water Conservation Standards (2006)

Baldwin Pond Wells Water Treatment Facility

Baldwin Plant MEPA ENF Certificate (8 June 2007)

Happy Hollow Wells

Artificial Turf Field 


Other Land Uses

Wayland High School

Construction Project

Groundwater Monitoring Wells

Historical Documents – Wayland Water Works