This website was developed by a group of residents in Wayland, a small town in Massachusetts, about twenty miles west of Boston. We aim to provide information about our drinking water supply and to promote public education in an effort to safeguard our Town’s most precious resource. Our goal is to keep water protection front and center in the discussions and decisions affecting Wayland’s future.

We are concerned that protection of Wayland’s traditionally excellent drinking water has taken a back seat in recent years to political expediencies. By working together, the residents of Wayland can do our best to ensure that we have safe and affordable drinking water for generations to come.

We have examined the demands on our public water supplier as it fulfills its responsibility to preserve and protect the quality and quantity of our water supply.  We have gathered considerable information in order to investigate known and possible environmental threats to our drinking water. Public education and community collaboration are essential for evaluating and implementing workable management strategies and solutions.

We hope you will find the information presented here helpful, and we encourage you to explore this resource in depth.